Why we need your help

Why we need your help

St John’s is our parish church and is at the core of our village life and has been since it was built in 1837. As ever with older buildings the cost of maintaining them is substantial and not only that they have to be adapted to meet modern life expectations.

Our running costs, that include the cost of our clergy and vicarage as well as the Church itself, are broadly financed by church collections, social events, Church Centre hire and donations. A restricted bequest from many years ago is held as a contingency for any major unforeseen expenses.

Currently we are budgeting for a deficit on our general fund. Additionally we have recently had to renovate the bell tower and eradicate dampness in the Lady Chapel. That has cost £22,000 and has exhausted the whole of our Fabric Fund. We have other works that we would like to carry out but there is not the money to do so. Hence we have looked forward to see how we can manage in the future and these are the conclusions:

  • The charity week held in 2014 has given us breathing space but no more than that.
  • We need an additional £3000 each year in regular giving, around 10% of our current voluntary income, to meet our normal outgoings and to remove the planned deficit.
  • The Fabric Fund has to be replenished to meet regular maintenance costs by a minimum of £1000 each year and by £50,000 to enable some essential maintenance and other improvements to be carried out.
  • We wish to set up a Friends of St Johns to enable the village community to contribute.

These are some of the maintenance and improvements that we would like to carry out:-

  • Repaint exterior of Church Centre and carry out necessary repairs
  • Redesign and improve the Garden of Remembrance
  • Upgrade the reception area of the Church Centre
  • Install a glass door to the main entrance to give a welcoming aspect

Others that may arise such as the sound system, organ replacement and Lady Chapel renovation are for the future.