Services for You


If you would like to have your wedding at St John's, please get in touch as soon as possible to arrange the date of the service. This can be done after a service, or via E-mail:

Once a date is arranged, our wedding coordinator Pam Hewson will help you with detailed planning.


If you wish to arrange your baptism, or a baptism for a child, please get in touch to discuss the style of service you would like, and agree a suitable date. Please get in touch through:, or after a service.

Typically, child baptisms are held during a family communion, on the 2nd Sunday of the month, or as a private family service. Sometime adults prefer to be baptised at Guildford Cathedral, alongside confirmations.


We can hold funerals at St John's,or provide a service in conjunction with a funeral at the crematorium (or other location). If you need to organise a funeral, contact the office or Peter Hewson:


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